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Are you ready to escape the “ok” life that most people live and be magnificent ?

Are you ready to live your wildest dream ?

Are you ready to go beyond what you thought was possible to what you might have thought as “impossible” ?

Are you ready to be you ?
​The world is waiting for you !​

Thank You for Your Presence Here

My purpose in life is to help millions of human beings that have been suffering with grief, loss, or a lack of meaning in their life, to awaken to what is always here – a peace and joy that has no cause. To know this is your birth right! You were brought on earth for this. I am devoted to embody and spread the joy and happiness that is available to each of us and make the world a better place!

I have traveled the world for many years waking people up and bringing consciousness to many areas of daily life. I give retreats, satsangs, conferences, workshops and trainings to support people to awaken to the truth within their inner self, and be fully ALIVE !


I’m Armelle

I am happy to welcome you in my life and I am excited for you. Indeed if you are on this website, you are about to go on a incredible journey into the truth of you, to reconnect to your essential nature and to express the amazing human being that you are…

Welcome to your new life, to the new You, the one you were always destined to be.



Movement of Life

Movement of Life is an energy medicine movement – with action on the physical, emotional, and cognitive levels. This dance encourages you to learn your natural movement and connect with the life force deep within you. The power of movement allows you to connect with your true self and find inner clarity and meaning. Many leave the session feeling relaxed, present, more alive and with a new sense of being.


Be-Move© is a practice that offers more than just mindfulness in movement. This practice teaches you how to be present in what you are doing, where you are, and with whom you are – all free from distraction. You can have a bigger impact on others with improved communication as well as bring confidence, clarity and focus to your life and purpose.

Presence Coaching

Armelle offers a unique approach to coaching that helps you awaken and express who you really are. She’ll help you get unstuck from what has been holding you back and open you up to find clarity and a whole new world of possibilities! With Armelle’s presence coaching you will reconnect with who you really are and gain the freedom and empowerment of tapping into the well of wisdom within you.




Be-Move© is a practice that offers more than just mindfulness in movement. This practice teaches you how to be present in what you are doing, where you are, and with whom you are – all free from distraction. You can have a bigger impact on others with improved communication as well as bring confidence, clarity and focus to your life and purpose.

Conscious Leadership Consulting

Armelle’s Conscious Leadership consulting acknowledges and addresses the inner workings of life and the energies at play during every interaction and transaction. In this process, Armelle coaches you to become aware of all aspects of these energies. She also teaches you how to use more of these competencies to your advantage within your company as well as in your relationships with clients.

Conscious Sales Training

Armelle also consults and trains companies in the art of ‘Conscious Sales Training.’ This approach to sales brings aspects of mindfulness and deep listening to your sales team, while Armelle helps determine what energies or blockades may be holding you and your team back from executing their full potential. Her coaching informs you to become more aware of these energies and how you can best utilize them to take your sales team to the next level.

Fulfillment in life and your relationships through Presence and Listening

The Art of Presence

What is Presence

Presence, or being present in the moment, to others or to yourself is rooted in your quality of attention. The circumstances may differ, whether it be what is right in front of you, be it one person, a situation, or a feeling/emotion. You are fully engaged to your core with what is happening now and your full focus is there. If thoughts come, you let them pass by to stay with what is there or who is there right in that very moment.

What is Listening ?

Listening is being fully present to the other person, connecting to your core and fully engaging with the person in front of you. It is not only listening to their words as if they were telling you the most important secret but also listening to what they may not be saying, their energy, as well as having awareness of the space that is all around you.

What will Presence and Listening bring to your life ?

Practicing Presence will give you peace, quietness, love, and joy. The more you practice it, the more you will connect with your essence and know a causeless happiness – that is what I call fulfillment. Being just content to be, without needing any other reasons.

When you are fully present with yourself it enables you to also be fully present with another person. Practicing being fully present will also allow you to have more space to encounter your emotions/feelings and let them pass through. This process is critical so that energy can keep flowing within you and you can avoid getting stuck and allowing blockages in your energy flow to occur.

When you offer this presence to another person, they will feel that they matter even if you don’t say anything. This presence is already everything – it is pure connection with what is greater than us and reconnects anyone you offer it with themselves.
It will provide more depth and meaning in your relationships in less time.Listening will offer you more harmony in your relationships. The subjects of your listening practice will feel deeply loved and understood by you, even if you don’t say anything. This way of listening is reconnecting you to the deepest meaning of life and love – giving and seeing what is true in the other person, not your projections of the person or situation.

"Armelle's Presence and clarity are such a gift for everyone who comes in contact with her through any of her activities. It allows us to tap into who we really are, and start to live from what we know to be true for us and have the freedom to be completely ourselves. She offers a space of safety and unconditional love that invites anyone to let go of limiting believes, habits and patterns and live the life we always wanted to live. I am so happy to have met her. I found what I had always been looking for... myself !"


"I remember two years ago when I was starting the Movement of Life training with you, you told me : "There is nothing to do, Life takes care of everything"! I found it very beautiful... and I wanted to believe it. Today, I can see how magic's life is operating when we let go of trying to control the outcomes and how Life is creative ! Allowing myself to bask in the arms of Life is delicious and so incredibly light. Now I live it and I understand what you told me. Thanks to Life !"


"Ohhh, I am so happy to see you again in your videos Armelle. I am eager to open up again to the depth of Who I Am with you, as it already happened in the past with your videos. Your way to approach awakening is so rich, simple, accessible to everyone... therefore I am overjoyed that you are back. Big hugs."


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