Armelle Six

Spiritual Teacher & Coach

Inspirational Speaker, Workshop Leader, Author

Spiritual teacher and coach since 2010, Armelle sees her life turning upside down in 2001, when her only 14 month-old son died abruptly. The intensity of the pain opened her up to see and live life with new eyes and opened her up to hear her inner voice loud and clear. By following it, it led her on a deep spiritual path, retreating from the world and meditating for 5 years to wake up to her true nature. From that time also came a somatic energy movement/dance that she named “Movement of Life” : a deep practice of inner transformation and reconnection with Self.

Since 2010, Armelle has been traveling internationally bringing consciousness to the world. Through talks, conferences, seminars and retreats, she invites people to reconnect and recognize that they are more than what they thought until now and to realize the space that is always there – the infinite being they are – as well as their own innate abilities.

All around the world she has touched and changed thousands of people’s lives by the joy and the presence she exudes, as well as her very practical and down to earth way of being and living. She lives a life of inspiration, dedicating it completely to being an influence to everyone she meets.

Since 2010, she has given conferences and retreats all around the world. Through her non-profit founded 4 years ago based on happiness and inner listening upbringing, she also offers Movement of Life’s Dance – a dance that she created – and provides facilitator training now for the 2nd time.

Recently, she has been developing a new concept for companies – Be-Move© – and has also started providing leadership consulting and, more specifically, feminine leadership consulting. While she lived in the United-States, she was the director of a foundation and a retreat center in Hawaii.

She is also the author of “Rencontre en Présence” and co-author of “Le bonheur quoi qu’il arrive”.
Through her being and the space she offers, it allows people to become aware again and know what they’ve always been that they may have not acknowledged before, and therefore are not living today as their reality. She has the ability to see through what people show to see who they really are and bring that gift to the surface!

She is also a visionary and is convinced that now is the time to all come together and change the world by changing us!
Meeting her is opening a door towards a new self and the new possibilities for your life and this world.

How Armelle Awakened

Armelle has taught the art of awakening since 2010, beginning in the United States where she lives until 2014. Then on a wider scale, she began her work in French-speaking countries worldwide. She is a renowned teacher and coach known for her simplicity, clarity and unique way to teach you how to awaken to your true nature. The space that she offers by her presence is a soft and safe place where anyone can surrender and let go to find that deeper place within themselves – that which has never been touched by anything.
Meeting her is opening up to be touched and met by a deep love and embrace.

"Armelle's Presence and clarity are such a gift for everyone who comes in contact with her through any of her activities. It allows us to tap into who we really are, and start to live from what we know to be true for us and have the freedom to be completely ourselves. She offers a space of safety and unconditional love that invites anyone to let go of limiting believes, habits and patterns and live the life we always wanted to live. I am so happy to have met her. I found what I had always been looking for... myself !"


"I remember two years ago when I was starting the Movement of Life training with you, you told me : "There is nothing to do, Life takes care of everything"! I found it very beautiful... and I wanted to believe it. Today, I can see how magic's life is operating when we let go of trying to control the outcomes and how Life is creative ! Allowing myself to bask in the arms of Life is delicious and so incredibly light. Now I live it and I understand what you told me. Thanks to Life !"


"Ohhh, I am so happy to see you again in your videos Armelle. I am eager to open up again to the depth of Who I Am with you, as it already happened in the past with your videos. Your way to approach awakening is so rich, simple, accessible to everyone... therefore I am overjoyed that you are back. Big hugs."


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