Move & Meditate


more than mindfulness in movement.



It is a practice that offers you more than mindfulness and in movement.

It is a practice that teaches you how to be present to what you are doing, where you are, with whom you are, without being distracted or caught in useless thinking, emotional reaction or past or future. It is teaching you to live now, in the present moment.

It is also helping you to have a bigger impact on others and an improved communication.
It invites clarity, focus, groundedness and confidence.

It helps you get in touch with the right inner positioning when being a parent, a leader, manager or in any situation that requires you to show up in your truth and potency.

For Whom is This ?

– Be-Move© is for everyone without exception!
– It is also specifically for parents, people working with children, or professional in medical and care field, etc
– As a leader, manager or CEO, you will also see how changing yourself just by learning to be present has a huge impact on your company and/or team.
– Anyone who has such a busy mind that as soon as they sit to meditate, their mind becomes crowdy. The movement invited here will counteract the effect of the sitting meditation.

Whether you are an employee, HRM, or the director/CEO of the company, Be&Move will change your life ! For the better !

​You are sitting the whole day at your desk without moving, getting tensed and antsy at times ?
You’d like to be more focused, creative and less stressed ?
You want to learn to catch your thoughts instead of getting caught by them ?
You’d like to communicate efficiently and be more impactful ?
You’d like to become a better leader and assume your authority ?

Be-Move© will help you get there and more, as by reconnecting with yourself and being present in your daily tasks you will also gain in :

– being present in your daily tasks, with the people you work with or live with
– the ability to be aware that you are under stress and learn technics to release it
– knowing yourself and your ways of functioning, so that you understand more of your relationships
– self confidence
– learning technics of deep inner listening to being in the flow
– a new connection with your body, its rythme and its needs to keep you healthy
– the natural expression of your ability to be a leader
– inner calm and serenity, and the ability to take one step back in times of struggles
– how being aware of the workings of the energy can support you in improving your job/company’s results
– releasing the stress at the end of the day to better sleep and release tiredness

Practicalities :

8 sessions between 45 min to 1h15 min each, depending if private or group.

– Can be live or on zoom.
– Can be done once a week in 8 weeks, every day if you want fast, effective results or even in a 3-day intensive for personal or in team building situation. It will depend on the result you want to achieve and the time you have.

-You’ll have a daily practice to do when you get up. (It will go up to 20 min after 8 weeks – starting with 4 min).

-You don’t have to change and dress in sport clothes.

For More Information

Contact us at and make a request for Be-Move© in your company or for you as a Manager/Director/CEO.

Please tell us what result(s) you want to achieve by practicing Be-Move©