Conscious Leadership Consulting


Conscious Leadership Consulting

For Whom is This ?

– You are a Manager, Director or CEO and you’d like to give your company or service a new culture ?
– You want to know why you do what you do and why you get up every morning and how it affects your company ?
– You want to inspire and have your employees step up and give more ?
– You want to set new standards and have your employees or team follow you or even go before you ?
– You want to get better results and employees that are happy to go to work and reliable ?
– You want your employees to team up more efficiently and have better communication ?

How Do I Work ?

My whole consulting method is based on a win-win and a true listening of each party.

I am convinced that we each have a special gift, a talent that when we express it we not only thrive but are also filled with joy of being in our purpose.
My aim is to help you get in touch with and create a culture that looks like you and will infuse everything the company and employees do. Having a purpose that is greater than us, that encompasses everyone motivates us to give and to come together for the best of everyone.

In my conscious leadership consulting I invite a human approach in a corporate, result oriented environment taking everyone into consideration. I call it human ecology : when each person is at the right place, used for their deepest potential and talents leaning towards autonomy and fulfillment. That’s when the company naturally thrives too.
It’s a method also acknowledging the inner workings of life and the energies at play in every interaction and/or transaction. I help you become aware of that and use even more of these competencies to your advantage within your company and with your clients.

2×1 hour call to get to know you and what are your objectives, clarifying them if needed, as well as make an action plan.

Meeting with the team in a team meeting and with each person individually to see the inner working of the system and of each individuals, what are the patterns and what could be offered to realign that and have everyone at the right place, all united in one purpose.
Finding the most efficient way to meet the CEO/Leader ’s goals and theirs.

For More Information

We can set an appointment to discuss where you and your company or service are now, and where you’d like to go in the future.

Please contact us at with your three available dates for a 1-hour-call. We look forward to helping you and your team!