Here is a short interview of Armelle about Movement Of Life. It is in French, translated in English.


Movement of Life

What is Movement of Life ?

Movement of Life is an energy medicine movement – has an action on the physical, emotional and cognitive levels. It can also be a deep and soft meditative dance. Most of the time it is practiced with music.

By the deep listening that this movement invites, it instantaneously connects you with Self and presence. Being in contact with what is most essential and intimate in you, you also connect with the life force that’s within you.

You learn what is your natural movement, and how following it realigns all levels of being in you (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

You learn what it is and how it feels to be in the flow of life and how to make the difference between when you are and when you are not – a.i. when you are in your mind thinking instead of being present.

Each session starts by a guided exercise  bringing you in a state of presence, or a theta state – a state close to hypnosis that you naturally go into just before falling asleep or just when you wake up. It’s a state that is supportive of deep transformations and allows the rewriting of old habits and limiting conditioning into new ones that serves you today and are the truth of you.

From there you start to let the body move and trust its wisdom.

Added to connecting to your true nature, Movement of Life also helps releasing long held patterns and traumas by releasing the frozen energies so that they can go back to Source. You are then instantaneously  at peace, back in your own nature.


Participants have reported the following results in their life, and for some as soon as after only one session :

  • Feeling free as you never felt before.
  • Daring to be who you are : taking your place in this world, expressing yourself fully and sharing your gifts, living your difference and following your own rhythm.
  • ​Feeling alive, relaxed and present. 
  • Coming out of depression, burn-out and addiction.
  • Living a profound letting go, and letting be. Releasing stress.
  • Encountering why you are here and what you were made for.
  • Finding meaning to your life.
  • Connecting with Self – your essence – and a joy that has no reason.
  • Feeling more expansif and have a new sense of being, more inner space to face life as it is.
  • Reconnecting with your dreams and having the courage and determination to live them.
  • Freeing yourself from past traumas by releasing frozen and stuck energies.
  • You will learn to listen to your core and move from there in a safe space, and experience directly what it changes in you when you do so.
  • In a team, a class or a project : more cohesion, everyone finding their place while being part of the group/team, better communication and improved collaboration. Seeing more clearly the one purpose that units everyone.

"Hi Armelle, Three months already passed since the retreat in the Laurentides in Quebec, where you taught us the movement of life. That experience was so profoundly beneficial for me.. First because, thanks to the "Movement of Life", you taught me to dare to be myself and awaken my femininity. And since then I often sing "Femme, je suis femme" (french song) Also, as I am more listening to how life moves within me now, and life is giving it back to me and I am more alive than ever. It was 42 years that my husband and I were living in the same house and a surprising opportunity came our way to move and we jumped on it, sold our house and started to build a new one in a new area!! Sometimes I still don't believe it is true that I could change in such a short time!!!!! Thank you Armelle for teaching me the "Movement of life", which helped me so much to listen to the life that's burning in me! Thank you too for the softness and gentleness with which you share all that is in you and that you are aware of, cause I never felt pushed or shaken in all that I was to see within myself... I am so grateful to life to have met you!! I wish you all the very best" Pierette, Quebec, 66 years old.


Movement of life was received by Armelle in 2009 as she was spontaneoulsy dancing by herself in a garage. She started to feel her body moving by itself without her thinking or willing the movements. As she explored that more and more she went into deeper state of meditation – called samadhi – where she lost track of time and the awareness of the body. There was only Pure Awareness, nothing else. Meanwhile it was still moving. As she kept practicing it, she became aware that the deep listening and the slowing down call on that experience. That’s what Movement of Life invites you into… realizing your true nature.

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