Empower and Ignite

Presence Coaching

A unique approach of coaching to awaken to and express who you really are…

Set yourself apart and make a difference !

Empower and Ignite

Presence Coaching

How is coaching with Armelle ?

Armelle offers a unique way to coach you. Over the years of giving retreats, trainings and workshops, she developed her own holistic approach.

Because of the presence she holds and the invitation that it is for you, you will sink in that presence state in the first few minutes. In this mindful state, you have access to the issue that your intuition is desiring to look into that very moment, the one/s that will be the most helpful for you and your goals. Because you won’t come from mind, you’ll also access your own wisdom and you’ll gain profound insights that are new and different.

Her Presence and deep listening also offer you a space in which you can rest and feel safe to open up. You can then look at and speak up about everything. By tuning in with you she invites you to consider with a new perspective things that you might not be aware of yet. With humor, kindness, questions, or a more direct way, she’ll help you unstuck what’s been holding you back faster than you would have thought possible !

Her purpose is to be a mirror for you and a magnifying glass of what’s already in you, so that you can access it and create a life that looks like you, based on you own resources. For her, you have everything in you, you just need to be supported in seeing that!

She will also invite you to presence emotions that could arise or stuck feelings in the body so that the cycle of suffering can come to an end, and you can start moving freely.

What you’ll get out of a coaching with Armelle ?

– You’ll also reconnect to who you really are and learn to live from there.
– You’ll gain the freedom to be YOU and access to the well of wisdom that is within you.
– You will be and feel empowered and you’ll know everything is possible.
– From there, naturally, you will find your purpose in life, and also meaning, a deep sense of fulfillment, and you will live your highest aspiration in this world.
– You’ll get endless creativity and resources as you’ll gain access to your inner wisdom, and energy to take action and reach your goals.
– And because who you are is determining how you feel and therefore what you do, you’ll also create the life that is yours and not based on your past conditioning anymore.
No matter what you want to achieve, you’ll get there !

How does it work practically ?

There are three packs, each of which can be arranged is 30 or 60 min slots depending on your needs :
– Punch pack : a pack of 10 x 30 min-sessions in 10 weeks – to get you quickly unstuck from where you are and ready to follow your track again.
– Wake-up pack : a pack of 10 hours (Bonus : one energy session with Armelle) – to reconnect with who you are, express it and create the life you desire.
– Deeper pack : a pack of 15 hours (Bonus : one Movement of Life workshop and one energy work session with Armelle) – to take a deeper dive within yourself and create a profound shift and long lasting change.

Each pack will get you where you want to go. The most important thing is how committed you are to get there !

For More Information

Are you interested in knowing more about what Armelle teaches and how you can bring meaning to your life while running a flourishing business ?

Contact us at info@armellesix.com and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible to answer all of your questions about Armelle’s coaching process.