The Art of Presence

Fulfillment in life and your relationships through Presence and Listening

Fulfillment in life and your relationships through Presence and Listening

The Art of Presence

What is Presence

Presence or being present to the moment, to the other or to yourself is a quality of attention that you give to what is right in front of you be it one person, one situation or a feeling/emotion. You are fully engaged with what is now and your full focus is there. If thoughts come you let them pass by to stay with what is there or who is there.

What is Listening

It is being fully present to the other, connected to your core and fully engaged with the person in front of you. it is not only listening to their words as if they were giving you the most important secret but also listening to what they don’t say, the energy and being aware of the space that is all around you.

What will Presence and Listening bring to your life ?

Presence will give you peace, quietness, love and joy. The more you practice it, the more you will connect with your essence and know a causeless happiness, that is what I call fulfillment. Being just content to be, no other reasons.
When you are present to you are present to yourself, you can be present to another and you also have more space to meet your emotions/feelings and let them pass through so that the energy can keep flowing in you and doesn’t get stuck and create blockages.
When you offer this presence to another, they will feel that they matter even if you don’t say anything. This presence is already everything, as it is pure connection with what is greater than us and reconnects anyone you offer it with themselves.
It will give more in your relationships in less time.

Listening will offer you more harmony in your relationships and the person you listen to will feel so loved and understood by you even if you don’t say anything. This way of listening is reconnecting you to the deepest meaning of life and love… giving and seeing what is true in the other, not your projections of the person.


The Art of Presence Training?

Are you someone who never has enough time and feel like life is passing by and sometimes regrets it cause its relationships suffer it ?
Do you struggle with giving what you’d like to give to your relationships cause it never seems enough or what they want ? 
Do you have difficulties being present to the other, to yourself and deeply listening to them ?
Do you have a busy mind and would love to put it on hold sometimes and find more peace in the moment ?
Is intimacy or relationship scary for you cause you fear losing yourself ?
​Are you a sales person who’d like to bring even more humanity in their work, as well as more sales without having to push ?
You are committed to give to yourself what’s best and bring another quality to your life ?

What Do You Want for Your Life ?

Do you want more fulfillment in your life ?
Do you want harmonious relationships ?
Do you want your partner, children and loved ones know how much you love them and how meaningful they are for you ?
Do you want to know how to be connected to yourself and others in a deeper way, so that you are all nourished and you all feel met as you are ?
Do you want to discover how you can gain time and depth in your relationships ?
​Do you want to have more impact with your clients, employee or colleagues ?
Do you want to get up every morning excited to live a brand new day ?

This training is for you !

It contains 8 modules of 1hour and has for objective for you to go in depth into the Art of Presence and Listening

It is specifically designed for your daily life and interactions with you partners, children, colleagues, employees or clients.

The themes that will be covered during the training are :

– What is presence ? Guided exercise to live the direct experience of presence.
– Learning to be present to yourself, to the other
– Being present to what you feel, connected to the body and let the energy flow
– Becoming aware of the energy of others and how to match it
– Letting go of stress by presence
– Being grounded and having better impact on communication
– Pure listening and not taking things personally
– Being true to yourself, listening to your inner voice

In each session, there will be theory, an exercise and room for questions and answers.

The space that will be offered throughout the whole training will have you experiencing presence how to be present in each session.

What will you get out of this training ? 

– It will bring another depth to your relationships, more meaning, a true meeting as well as a greater ease and understanding.
– You’ll be more impactful in your communication
– You’ll learn how energetic life is and how to use this understanding in your interactions and relationships. That will give you a far wider understanding of relationships and life in general.
– You’ll learn how to be present, how does it feel like in your body, how to get back to it when you were gone in your mind for a while ?
– You’ll learn the art of pure listening – there will be partners exercises
– You will discover practically that our essence is one and how impossible that is to hide anything cause we are one mind, and therefore always connected
– You’ll gain in being more sensitive to energies and to the others
– You’ll gain in intuition and listening to your own inner wisdom
– And you will also gain a deeper connection with yourself which is the basis of true fulfillment, something that can never be taken away by anything that is happening or by anyone ! 

For More Information

You are interested in knowing more about what she teaches and how you can bring meaning to your life while have a flourishing business ?

Contact us at and we’ll get in touch as shortly as possible to answer all your questions about the training.